About us

About us

Animal lovers since childhood, we have acquired over the years, our positive and negative experiences as amateurs of all animal kinds: horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, etc.

We were convinced for a long time that our future was in farming but we needed to provide some clarification to our project, including an answer to this fundamental question: "What shall we breed?"

Alpacas were a true love at first sight; a revelation during the first information and pictures found on the Web. Quickly contaminated by the famous alpaca-virus, well-known by all alpaca breeders, we could not stop collecting amounts of information about the exciting world of those small camelids. Through many hours of discussions with other enthusiastic alpaca breeders and with our life focused on alpacas for several years, we can now breed our animals optimally and share our own experience.

Our first alpacas joined our farm in Belgium in 2011 and livestock has greatly expanded these 7 last years with various imports and births.
We are now proud and very pleased to present you a beautiful herd of huacaya alpacas carefully selected from great lineages from New Zealand, Australia, America and Peru. Our first stud male, with an exceptional pedigree, joined our herd in December 2012 and gave us beautiful crias. Other studmales have come to complete our breeding program, the main is our incredible grey male Inca Grey Flyte !

In 2014, we had the great pleasure to announce the opening of our spinning mill. Therefore you will be able to knit very fine yarn from our own animals, which, is fantastic isn't it?

This world of sweetness is truly fulfilling for the whole family. What a fabulous destiny and how lucky we are to have crossed the path of alpacas!