Alpaca babies

Alpaca babies

The babies are called crias. They have an incredible feature, which is extremely valued by breeders : they are nearly always born around mid-day!

In addition, calving occurs mostly without human intervention.

The cria is very fast on its feet and suckles rapidly. The dams are extremely competent and protective of their own cria as well as with other babies of the group.

Birth weight is about 7 to 9 kilos. Over the following days, a cria gains about 150g a day. It is important for us to keep an eye on the evolution of the crias weight. This allows us to monitor its well-being as well as the good production of milk by the mother.

The crias are extremely cute babies which, at the end of the day, showcase a variety of spins, twirls, and races. A delightful moment!

The cria fleece is extremely soft. Even if they do produce a small crop the first year, it is always a pleasure to immerse your hands in the shearing basket and to imagine the beautiful yarn that bit will produce.

Weaning occurs around the age of six months and the halter training can begin. They learn very quickly, and even the most stubborn ones soon realize it is neither painful nor dangerous and agree quickly to be led along with more or less elegance ;)