Alpaca shearing

Alpaca shearing

We reserve our shearing service for the owners of alpacas coming from our farm.

Eric's training to become an alpaca shearer was delivered over two seasons: 2013 and 2014. He was trained by a professional alpaca shearer, Colin Ottery, who came from England especially for us.

We are very strict with the selection of the different parts of the fleece. It brings a much better knitting yarn, very regular and much softer as we leave the guard hair out.

The alpaca shearing has to be performed once a year, usually during spring.


In order to shear them, the following conditions must be met:

  • alpacas must be perfectly dry
  • alpacas must be kept in a quiet and ventilated place, so they can be calm before the shearing begins
  • we recommend you to remove debris from fleeces like straw or hay 
  • make sure you have a clean, well lit and dry shearing place with good light of minimum 5m long and 3m wide (or outdoor in the shadow depending on weather conditions)
  • the chosen location will be free of access, without steps, without obstacle and preferably next to the alpacas location, in the shade
  • there should be one person with a broom and a few large bags to collect the wool gradually and one person for alpacas handling
  • we need an electrical outlet nearby


From 1 to 3 alpacas : minimum package 110 € excluding VAT

From 4 to 9 alpacas: 30 € /animal excluding VAT

More than 10 alpacas: 27 € /animal excluding VAT

Travel costs: 0.50 € /km exVAT from Montleban

Shearing of alpacas from other breeders only on demand of a quote

If the blade used for shearing had to be replaced due to bad fleece conditions ( eg: sand in the fiber ), a supplement of 7 € exVAT/per blades will be charged. 

After several setbacks, we must now put in place a fixed compensation of 75 € exVAT plus travel expenses if the conditions listed above were not respected and if we had to return without being able to perform the shearing.

If you don't have the space required for shearing, we can provide an arbour at an additional price of 18 € exVAT (set up, break down and drying ).

Click here for a 2014 shearing video (starting at 06:29)