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Mini Mill and alpaca breeding: a unique concept in Benelux !

Our fiber processing service                                                                                                                                   

Fileuse Spinner mini MillsAre your alpacas high quality fiber producers?

Industrial mills are not interested in processing your fleeces ?
Come and increase the value of your fleeces at Alpagas du Maquis ! Each and every fleece can be processed into a high quality knitting yarn thanks to our Mini Mills factory. We can process each batch, fleece by fleece. This guarantees a perfect traceability as you beneficiate from your own animals yarn.
We work rigorously to offer you the best service and support. We will gladly share our experience with you and remain at your service for any queries.

Pricelist on demand 

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

How to prepare your fiber ?

toisons alpagas récolte tonte

You have to sort out your fleece during the shearing. Only bag the best part ( the sadle) to optimise the performance and the quality of your yarn. Ideally you should clear your fiber from all plant residues and other. The bill is based on the weight of the fleece when we receive it so the cleaner they are, the lower the bill !
Should a fleece be too dirty, we reserve the right to refuse it partially or totally. In the case of moth invasion, the fleece will be returned to you at your own cost.
Our material and detergent is perfectly adapted for the care of your fleece in order to produce the best final product. Please do not wash or treat with any detergents.
If possible, get rid of shorter trims, usually coming from a second cut. This could increase the bill as well as create bobbles on your yarn. 
In conclusion, the more you care for your fleece during shearing; the cheaper the bill and the prettier your yarn will be !                                                                                                                                    
Mini Mills filature complète

Very important

Make sure you identify your bags correctly ! 

Organisation and general conditions

You can drop your fleece at the Maquis or send them to us by post. Make sure you notify us by email of by phone so that we can track your parcel.

A 50 % deposit will be required before we start processing your fiber. The final payment will have to be paid when your item is ready for pick up or before we send you your parcel. Please note that shipping fees will be at your own cost.

We will notify you as soon as your order is ready. Sould your items remain unpaid and/or uncollected, they will then become the property of alpagas du Maquis.

We take great care of your fleece and do our best to limit loss during the process. However, 30 - 35 % of the initial weight is usually lost depending on the state, quality, lenght, strenght, cleanliness, size and uniformity of the fleece. 

If your fiber is brittle, we will notify you as soon as we notice it so that we can decide together what to do next. Your fiber can be brittle for many reasons: malnutrition, stress, disease, lack of vitamins and old or humid fleece. We usually take notice rapidly but sometimes, it takes a little longer.

The usual deadline is up to 6 months after reception of your deposit. Various external factors disrupt the productivity of our spinning mill though we do our best to reduce the deadline. Should the deadline be extended, we would not be held accountable.

Guide list for needle size by yarn

Lace:            needle n° 1 - 2                     Super fin:  needle n° 2 - 2.5                     Sport :       needle n° 2.5 - 3

Classique:   needle n° 3 - 4                    Aran:         needle n° 4 - 5.5